The Brain Optimization Workshop Series

An Experiential Approach to Neuro-Activation to Enhance

Creativity, Performance, and Leadership


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Experiential Workshops to Put You In Control of Your Brain

How can Brain Optimization make you more successful at anything you do?

Your success is determined by your “output” – the actions, habitual behaviors, and outward communication you introduce into the world. These outputs originate in the brain, so to change your results you must first change your brain.

These workshops offer a unique approach to Brain Optimization, accessing the nervous system through both conceptual neuropathways (thought pattern recognition, mindfulness, visualization, and story narrative) and physical neuropathways (movement, sensory input, and creative stimuli.)

This combination of tools, techniques, and exercises is focused on the three greatest challenges to business growth — Creativity, Performance, and Leadership — and has the power to dramatically change your output, and therefore your success.

Yes, companies normally pay thousands for Brain Optimization training, but we know that not every founder, entrepreneur, or employer is at a business stage to invest thousands of dollars in customized training.


Now, thanks to our generous sponsors you can indulge yourself (and your brain) for less than $100 per workshop. However, to deliver full value and give everyone the attention they deserve, we are limiting attendance so you’ll want to secure your ticket asap. See you there!

Optimize Your Brain for Creativity 


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October 5th 11am-4pm









Ideal for anyone in your organization who is charged with Innovation, Ideation, and Conceptualization

Creativity isn’t just the ability to do art, design, or write out-of-the-world copy.

Creativity is the ability to innovate and ideate, to see ideas and solutions that have not occurred to anyone before, to combine existing elements into something that never existed until you conjured it up.

This workshop is carefully and scientifically designed to disrupt your brain’s natural tendencies and put you into an optimal brain state for creativity and teaches you to return to that state at any time, and under any circumstances.

  • Learn how to take yourself back into a creative state any time you choose.


  • Learn one powerful tool for moving all of your interfering brain activity into a side compartment to free your brain’s resources for creativity.


  • Free yourself from the stress responses that keep you from fully expressing your creative self.


  • Learn to collaborate with creative teams, turning conflict and fear of criticism into synergy and elevated thinking.


  • Take back control of your brain’s conditioned inhibitions so that you can create quickly and freely working alone or as part of a team.

Optimize Your Brain for Performance 


November 2nd 11am-4pm









 Ideal for anyone in your organization who is charged with Systems, Strategy, and Implementation

Any performance athlete knows it isn’t how much you train, or even how hard you train – it’s how 
well you train that will take you to the pinnacle of your potential.

Your performance doesn’t just depend on being productive. Performance is the ability to successfully execute and actualize ideas, solutions, strategies, and plans, to turn vision into reality.

This workshop is carefully and scientifically designed to engage your brain in activities that increase both focus and neuro-flexibility, giving you the power to perform at a higher level of excellence in any situation.

  • Learn how to improve mental acuity and clarity of thought.


  • Increase your confidence, personal presence, and ability to communicate clearly and effectively.


  • Learn to increase your ability to differentiate and prioritize information and tasks.


  • Prepare your brain to spend longer periods in flow state.


  • Increase your resilience in adverse conditions.

Optimize Your Brain for Leadership


December 7th 11am-4pm









Ideal for anyone in your organization who is charged with developing culture, talent, and humanity

As a leader in your business or company, you are responsible not only for your own creativity and performance, but the creativity and performance of those around you.

Leadership has everything to do with your ability to create and maintain a vision, environment, culture, and support structure where you and the people around you are able to do their best work and experience their highest level of fulfillment from the work that they do.

This workshop is carefully and scientifically designed to expand your ability to connect to and elevate those around you, and to access your highest level of both mental and emotional intelligence.

  • Experience increased executive function, balanced evaluation, and critical thinking.


  • Learn how to create a powerful and sharable vision and engage others in making it a reality.


  • Recognize where subconscious beliefs and biases are preventing you from leading effectively.


  • Learn how to turn interpersonal conflicts into synergy for greater energy and power.


  • Understand the roots of culture and the requirements for leading a cultural shift.


  • Discover how the brain can be harnessed to create personal and company-wide change.

Optimize Your Brain for Creativity, Performance, & Leadership

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