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Workshops & Retreats - Return To Your Power




creating a culture based on personal empowerment



Every individual and every organization is an amalgamation of countless experiences, decisions, assumptions, automatic responses, and attitudes. To transform a person, a culture, or a business requires an integrated approach that involves all the members of the interdependent team and addresses all aspects of individual performance.

We begin every transformational process in a group setting. Whether you have asked us to focus on a specific aspect of company culture or whether you have engaged us to elevate leadership throughout your organization, we customize workshops and retreats to create a foundation for the work you have chosen to do, as teams and as individuals.

Every Return To Your Power retreat or workshop incorporates all three aspects of the nervous system; thoughts, emotions, and movement. This is because how we think and process input informs how we feel and how we move. And how we move informs how we feel and how we think.

And how we feel informs how we think and how we move. They are intrinsically linked and interdependent and if any of these three aspects are excluded from the change process they can easily override new data and stimuli causing a tendency to revert to old patterns.

As humans, our performance will always depend on how well we think and process input, how well we feel and process emotions, and how well we move through the world. An investment in improving these three aspects of wellness will always be a good investment in performance and in people.

Create a Culture of Empowerment

Leadership Activation Retreats

Return to Your Power retreats for founders and leaders are the ultimate beginning of leadership transformation, providing a full integration of personal discovery, mental training, movement therapy, and performance improvement strategies.

We bring your leadership team together for three days of deep work to reconnect with their own inner power and to recognize and synergize with the inner power of the group.

The curriculum is customized in advance through a series of interviews with the participants, but every retreat is designed to activate and involve the nervous system through the power of the mind and the body.

We often employ tools such as language reframing, storytelling, visualization, meditation, purpose statements, core of power exercises, journaling, movement, muscle activation, eye movement exercises, and role-playing.

Because this work requires full immersion we have found that it is best done in a private setting with as few intrusions and interruptions as possible. We organize your retreat and make all the arrangements, usually a reserving a private residence for the event.

Every care is taken to create a nurturing, supportive space where your team can feel both safe and energized. While not physically taxing, neurological work requires good fuel so we bring in a personal chef to prepare delicious snacks and meals, and all materials such as workbooks, journals, yoga mats, etc. are provided.

As we guide your team through the experience we will not only be awakening and resetting the nervous system, the mind, and the body, we’ll also be sharing tools that they will continue to use throughout their lives and setting goals for the outcomes they intend to create through the use of those tools.

At the end of the experience, each participant will have designed a personal improvement plan and resource guide to facilitate ongoing transformation.


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