What Fires Together Wires Together

Think about the axiom, “What fires together wires together.

That’s the nutshell explanation for “neuronal firing and formation.” In many ways it’s a real boon to our daily performance. It’s the reason we are able to learn at all!   

It’s why repetitive training of tasks creates dependable process and outcomes. It lets us reduce the energy we spend on decision making and allows us to allocate mental resources to dealing with exceptions, crises, and opportunities.

But it also has a cost. All that repeated firing and wiring burns in habits of thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. It makes intentional change difficult, even painful.

It also makes NOT changing painful. The brain and body use and reuse those neuropathways until they begin to fail, and our system alerts us to that failure through physical discomfort, clouded thinking, emotional overload or shutdown, and slowed mental and physical response times.

These pain points often go unnoticed because they show up incrementally or under duress.

We have a tendency to put them down to age, or stress, or lack of sleep rather than a systemic problem that is within our power to solve.

Yes. This is a problem we can solve.
Individually, and as an organization.

We begin, not in the brain per se, but in the body.

The body has a huge advantage as a method for changing the brain. It’s tangible, it’s observable, it’s accessible, and it is measurable.

So when we address the central nervous system through the body we can see, feel, track, and correct our approach as we create that change.

To do that we use a combination of priming and prompting. Priming prepares the neuropathways for change, prompting cues you to make that change.

We begin with R&R – Not rest and relaxation, although that can certainly be conducive to change. In this case, R&R stands for Reset and Rejuvenation.

The 4 Components of Reset & Rejuvenation

These mini-sessions of neuroactivation are custom-designed for each individual to awaken the brain and entire nervous system.    

1.   EVALUATE – This biomechanical and neurological analysis allows us to observe movement patterns, gives us a wealth of information, and forms the basis of the prompts given to engage and reset the nervous system.  

2.   PRIME – Using a combination of chair massage (seated and fully clothed) and guided movement we engage and involve the muscles as well as the nerves in the upcoming process of change.

3.   PROMPT – Based on observations during the initial assessment, we’ll demonstrate a series of small, easily-performed movement drills designed to activate new neuropathways.      

4.   TEACH – Finally, we’ll leave each individual with a plan for repeating the movement drills to further reset and rejuvenate the nervous system.

Reset and Rejuvenation can be initiated in short sessions, approximately 30 minutes per person, so your entire team can enjoy the benefits without disrupting their day.

Used consistently, the R & R tools we share with your team during these sessions result in improved executive function, mental clarity, and creativity, and reduced stress and physical discomfort.

If this sounds like “just what the doctor ordered” we’d love to hear from you!


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