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Our Services

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The success of your business depends on empowered, embodied, on-purpose leadership. That’s what we do.


Shared Experiences & Individual Transformation

Shared experiences are opportunities for mutual discovery, for developing group goals and visions, and for building a foundation of respect, trust, and interdependence. The group work also acts as a foundation and starting place for individual growth and empowerment.

Every Return to Your Power experience is customed using tools and methods that will have an impact on your culture, your team, and your individual leaders.

Whether you ask us to customize a half-day workshop or a three-day leadership retreat, you can be sure that it will be designed to not only deliver information, inspire new ideas, and initiate stronger team relationships – the experience will also set each individual on a path to self-development and transformation.


Overcoming Obstacles & Ongoing Transformation

Creating change is not an event, it’s a process. And sometimes that process requires encouragement, accountability, and course correction. To make consistent progress people need access to someone who is objectively outside the frame, someone who has the talent and tools to shift perspectives, point out opportunities, and suggest possibilities.

We work with your leaders to tap into the power of the mind and the body through neuro-priming, language reframing, visualization, and storytelling, creating continual and dynamic transformation of your leadership, your culture, and your business.


Why Culture Defines Your Brand (And Dictates Your Success)

“Culture is the prevailing mindset of any group or organization.” And that is ultimately why culture will always have more impact than strategy on your reputation and your brand as well as your innovation and profitability.

If your culture is not fully aligned with your strategic plan it is your strategic plan that will lose, every time…


A Synthesized Approach

Using the Power of Mind & Body


How we think, how we feel, and how we move all determine how we perform. To permanently impact performance we must address all three – thoughts, emotions, and movement.

Fortunately, they all connect through the nervous system so we have a path for creating lasting change. We tailor our coaching to most effectively create change where it matters most, in the brain.



Every individual and every organization is an amalgamation of countless experiences, decisions, assumptions, automatic responses, and attitudes.

To transform a person, a culture, or a business requires an integrated approach that involves all the members of the interdependent team and addresses all aspects of individual performance.


continued evolution

Wouldn’t it would be great if you could change yourself, your team, and company based on workshops, retreats, and conferences? But that isn’t how change works.

Those events can be a catalyst, build a foundation, or deliver the tools for change. But that means nothing if the people don’t do the work to continue the change process after the event is over.



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