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Company Story - Return To Your Power

Dixie Gillaspie and Philip Penrose founded Return to Your Power to celebrate and consolidate the synergy of their combined talents and experience. Confirmed “brain geeks,” both focused on performance — Dixie working with business leaders and Philip working with athletes — their personal relationship developed over conversations of shared observations, techniques, the kinds questions they were working to answer, and the kinds of problems they were working to solve.

As life partners, it was natural that they would refer clients to one another. It was immediately evident to them, and to their clients, that when both the “somatic” and the “semantic” modalities were involved a kind of alchemy began to take place for the client. They become a team, coordinating their approach to coaching and personal growth for executives and entrepreneurs.

Dixie’s background ranges from business consulting and personal development to consulting, content writing, and editing for media outlets and large brands, to building passion into personal brands, to teaching storytelling and sales. The power of words runs through everything she brings to the equation.

Language is literally a form of code for our brains, everything we say out loud or only to ourselves builds our reality. To change our reality we must first change that code.

Leadership, culture, messaging, and selling are especially language-based.

To perform at our highest potential in those areas requires that we absolutely master the language, or code, we use when we think, when we speak, and when we write. And that’s where Dixie’s gifts take center stage; re-coding the language loops and patterns that stand in the way of fully working in a place of personal power. 

Philip’s background is working with the body to improve athletic performance and quality of life. His philosophy is “everyone is an athlete,” because so long as our brains are housed in bodies we all use our body to work and experience the world.

A lifelong martial artist turned instructor, Philip was obsessed with improving performance. While enrolled at the University of Missouri he began working with the Sports Medicine Department as an intern with both the football and wrestling teams.

One of the top wrestlers he worked with shared how much therapeutic massage had improved his performance. That caught Philip’s attention and prompted him to enroll in massage therapy school. 

After graduating and obtaining his certification as a Certified Somatic Therapist, he co-founded a fitness and performance studio, became certified as a personal trainer and took yoga instructor training.


To expand on his work with physical performance he shifted his focus towards habit change, behavioral design, and brain-based performance, becoming certified as a Z-Health Practitioner. Z-Health has developed a model and approach to neuro-performance building on the foundation laid by polymath Dr. Moshe Feldenkrias, who pioneered The Feldenkrais Method of somatic education.

Working together, Dixie and Philip have proven that accessing the “code” of the nervous system through language, mental training, storytelling, visioning, writing, and speaking simultaneously with movement therapy, environmental intervention, nutrition, and massage can yield dynamic transformation for individuals and for groups.


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