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About - Return To Your Power


About US

A unique combination of coaching and brain-based performance training for founders and leaders ready to fully embody and embrace their personal power. 


Brain-Based Training & Coaching

As humans, and especially as business leaders, our performance depends on how well we think and process information, how well we feel and process emotion, and how well we move through the world.

We’ve combined our talents, experience, and expertise to teach leaders how to fully own their personal power by improving how well they think, feel, and move.


of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels *


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A Team Of Professionals

Dixie Gillaspie


Coach, Consultant, Firestarter, Storyteller, Speaker. “Addicted to coffee, Allergic to ‘Can’t’.”

Philip Penrose


Brain-Based Performance Coach, Somatic Therapist, and Neuro-trainer. “Better is always better.”

01. WHO

Dixie Gillaspie and Philip Penrose live and breathe the work they do both as life partners and as the founders and principles behind Return to Your Power, LLC.
Dixie brings the firepower of more than 20 years of business consulting and executive coaching.  She has a gift for using a combination of storytelling, self-awareness, and mental training to spark new ideas and transform cultures and personal beliefs. 

Philip combines his years of experience in martial arts, athletic training and coaching, bodywork, movement therapy, and neurological reprogramming into a revolutionary approach to interrupting patterns, releasing stress, and improving executive brain function.  


02. WHY

We share a mission to help people return to a state of inner personal power that is natural and healthy. We’re also both in love with businesses and the people who create and drive them forward. 

Our work together gives us the opportunity to be part of the transformation at the individual level, and at the cultural level. It allows us to contribute to people who are accomplishing things they would have considered impossible before our work together.

We get to see what happens for people and organizations when power becomes a positive force to be celebrated. And for us, that fulfillment is part of how we know we are in our own place of power. 


03. WHEN

We’ve combined our gifts to provide a unique approach to helping business founders and leaders discover their purpose and the core of their personal power. 

Mental training through coaching and visualization, emotional engagement through storytelling, and brain-based neuro-training using physical movement are at the core of everything we do. Each of these methods engages the nervous system in different ways to create cumulative, lasting change.

Whether you and your team work with us to design an immersion experience, a series of workshops, or ongoing individual coaching and training, you will achieve measurable outcomes that ripple through your entire organization.



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